About Us

We started P10 to make banking transparent, friendly and trustworthy for the young Indian professionals.

In 2018, we had a vision to make financial health easy and accessible to over 150 million young professionals in India. Within a year, over 500,000 employees were accessing financial services on our platform - PerkFinance. While building and managing this we realized that banking itself had not changed in decades. The more we interacted with our customers, the more determined we became to build a better banking experience for them.

Our team comprises optimistic bankers, meticulous engineers and empathetic designers with a common goal. To build the future of banking. Together, we are building a bank that scores a perfect 10. P10.

The Team


The glue that has put the team together and keeps the ship sailing. He is our CEO. His dream is to learn how to fly. Over the weekends he is learning from his two children.


The operator with banking experience. He is our COO. Ping him if you want to know the best places to eat in Bangalore.


Everyone loves to work with him, a team builder, he is our CTO. When not working, he is planning his next cycling trip.


The get things done guy. “Tech is the solution to any problem” Hitesh. In his spare time, Hitesh can be found in hackathons and coding contests.


He is our coder Et Al. The ever-charming dude always carries the “bring it on!!!” attitude.


He is our Operations analyst with a can do attitude. He knows where to get the best litti-choka and sattu in Bangalore. Now, some of you will be Googling that ;)


She is our operations analyst and always wants to take on more. Her love for music reflects in the cheerfulness and composure she carries around.


She is our programmer who learns any skill in a week. In her free time, Pragya hits the gym.


Prerana is our finance manager. A true blooded Bangalorean (from nammauru), she enjoys south Indian street food and balances it with her Yoga class.


The technologist we turn to in times of need. In his free time you can find him watching cartoons with his daughter.


All things creative. The lead designer at P10, she is also a teacher and filmmaker. Loves birdwatching Sundays with her son.


Anu loves to draw and is working to be an artist. She’s a designer with P10. When not designing, she’s busy watching dark thrillers.


Martin wanted to be a chef but turned designer instead. He fusses over the details of each illustration and discovers new music everyday. Martin is a designer with P10.